'Brilliant, unconventional poetry' - C'bean Book Blog review

"Quite like a trick vessel itself, the poems are cleverly crafted to astonish the reader as they all flow from this one collection in three discernible yet undeniably linked ways. Some are shown as clear, refreshing and deceptive as water; others are as intoxicating as the headiest of wines, fragrant and dark-coloured. Then there are those that are a delightfully eclectic blend of wine and water.
"This is not to say that the poems are divided into three sections. The trick lies in the deliberate structure of the collection that allows the reader to simultaneously become familiarized with Bagoo’s unique style whilst being surprised, jarred, quieted and thoroughly seduced by the startling individuality and charm of each piece. You never know which liquid will flow next into your mind’s cup…. Brilliant, unconventional poetry."
FROM a review of Trick Vessels at Caribbean Book Blog by Leshanta Roop. READ the full review here. FIND out more about Trick Vessels here.

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