"Perhaps poetry needs no use at all; or perhaps it should do many things, all of them mysterious and beautiful and inefficient."

Stephen Burt, ‘Nearly Baroque

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On Derek Walcott


What for me stands out about Walcott is his devotion. He has spent his life building a mountain. His words have become their own landscape. We are left thrilled and dizzy. 

Some thoughts on Derek Walcott for The Operating System's Poetry Month celebrations. (PHOTO: Horace Ove)

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Raymond “Atila the Hun” Quevado, ‘Graf Zepplin’

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A Designer Night on an Island. @douenIsland #douenisland - Bocas Lit. Fes. Trinidad. A night of readings by, Sharon Miller, Andre Bagoo and Shivanee Ramlochan


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"I will never make you walk again, if you will be mine."

Shivanee Ramlochan, ‘Duenne Lara

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Preparation at Alice Yard, Woodbrook, Port of Spain for this Saturday’s Douen Islands event: In Forest & Wild Skies.

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"A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other."


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Patti Smith - Because the Night

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"Douen Islands is a journey, unearthing what is lost - the furtive child foraging through darkened forest; tricked by moonlight into a vacant past; vanishing, like love and blood, into wild skies. A slippery stream flowing out of this post-Independence country, trek into heat, memory, nightmare, dream. Take back the steps we never took. Seek to find."

Douen Islands

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"For something has grown in me here, through the winters and summers, on staircases, in bedrooms. I do not want, as Jinny wants, to be admired. I do not want people, when I come in, to look up with admiration. I want to give, to be given, and solitude in which to unfold my possessions."

Virginia Woolf

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12 The Band - Prosper. 12 is a musical collaboration founded by Trinidadian singer and songwriter Sheldon Holder. Members: keyboard player Mario Callender, bassist Clint Harewood, Drummer Rhys Thompson and Guitarist John Hussain.

Animation and Direction by Wendell McShine. Direction by Yadira Albarran.

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"Nothing is to be preferred before justice"


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