It’s true.

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A million different pieces.

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"So many stars and so few hours to dream"

Carl Sandburg, ‘Black Horizons’

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Renato Carosone - Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano

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From A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a 1935 American film of William Shakespeare’s play, directed by Max Reinhardt and William Dieterle.

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"Whence come you, Hawthorne? By what right do you drink from my flagon of life? And when I put it to my lips – lo, they are yours and not mine."

Herman Melville, letter to Nathaniel Hawthorne, November 1851

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Panic! At The Disco: Girls/Girls/Boys [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


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"A great cause of the night is lack of the sun"

Shakespeare, As You Like It

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Miguel - Adorn


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'Make me the independence of this land.'
Play it loud:  

'Make me the independence of this land.'


Play it loud:  

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"Mama said the greatest things in life are free
What about lust, what about trust
What about fun?"


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Ben Khan - Youth


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In Search of Dylan Thomas


For me, ‘Poem in October’ is a richer experience having been to Laugharne. Reading a poem is like reading a poet and, in turn, everything that has touched him. In this way, the reader and poet converge and something universal sparks between them. 


READ my journal at Zocalo Poets about a trip to Laugharne, Dylan Thomas’ main home-town, in the year of the Dylan Thomas centenary. 

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"Poetry is the dark side of the moon. It’s up there, and you can see the front of it. But what it is isn’t what you’re looking at. It’s behind what you’re looking at."

Charles Wright

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